Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure when placing an order?
  1. Email your artwork to us – OR fill in our online form here.
  2. Our designers will draw up a proof
  3. The proof will be sent to you for your approval
  4. Once approved, we print and ship your order to you fast!
What file types are required to print?
For a good quality finish, we require either an Ai, EPS or Hi Res PDF File.
What is the expected turn around time for an order?
Once the artwork has been received, a proof will take approx 1-2 working days to be drawn up. Once signed and approved, the printing process will begin. This usually takes between 3-4 working days, depending on how many rolls are ordered.
Do we have to buy in 50mt rolls?
All of our Shade Cloth & Banner Mesh products can only be purchased in 50mt lengths. In saying this, our Custom Banners can be made to size if you are after something smaller. For more information on our Custom Banners, Click here.
What is the best way to attach the Shade Cloth / Banner Mesh to a construction fence?
We recommend using cable ties to attach your Printed Shade Cloth or Banner Mesh to your fence. Our Printed Shade Cloth rolls have button holes along the edges to allow cable ties to be easily pushed through them. Our banner mesh products all come with a heavy duty roped edge for extra support which allows your cable ties to wrap around easily.
Are eyelets still available for Banner Mesh if we want them?

Yes, you may request to have eyelets installed at an extra cost, however from experience, the roped edging is the most secure method of attachment and ensures longer lifespan.

What is the difference between the printing quality on Shade Cloth & Banner Mesh?

The difference is in the quality of the printing achieved between the two products. Its quite a significant difference, however the up side to the Shade Cloth is that it is very affordable and does the job. It also lets more air through so it creates less wind load on the fencing.

Banner Mesh offers a premium looking finish, right through to a full coverage print. The lifespan of the Banner Mesh is greater due to heavy weight construction of the base material, along with the rope edge for added strength when attaching to the fence.

What material is best suited for a Temporary Fence?

Shade Cloth, Banner Mesh and Custom Banners are the three options to go for when advertising on a Temporary Fence.

Can The Printed Shade Cloth Company install the Shade Cloth?

Yes, installation can be organised if needed. Please contact a staff member to request a quote.

Can’t find what you’re after?
We can quote any custom job!

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